Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ciao Welding and INDIAN MOPED!

Building a Chicago based Ciao loaner for my gang members to use at near by rallies or around town. Its a slow build because its a some what free build. The frame was given to me from Sam Mckay and has been in Blk Blk for some time. Willie used to own it and ran a reed kit on it, you can see the subframe section cut out for the intake. Have a Pinasco 75cc kit and a few other goodies lined up for this thing. It already has the Malossi 8.8 to 1 gears in the rear transmission wooo! Look at those horrible welds!!! The coolest part of being in Blk Blk is spraying black over all the fuck ups in a build.

Used this haggard maxi seat to soften the blows.

So YEA!!! Finally got this sweet Indian moped off of HNRZ Elyse for free! She needed room in her garage and I feel like I'm the only person in Chicago that wants one. It came with no wheels but I had these Indian mags set away in my pile. Of course they were missing the brake hubs and axles but i found 1 compatible set, just gotta find another. I'm super stoked on this thing for real!!!! Picture me rollin!! Who wants an Indian loaner!!???????
 Paint job is so WHET.
 Guys you know what this means right?! It goes atleast 24mph!
 Chief Keef
 Got my fork lock functioning so I can park right out front of the Smash Mouth concert with confidence.

 Not original.
 Rack for Big K's
 Came with a couple extra gears for trail riding.
 I am absolutely addicted to mineral water....more specifically, TOPO CHICO.
Is that not the most insane emblem for a drink youve ever seen? AN INDIAN DRINKING LIKE ENCINO MAN OUT OF A RIVER. hahahha!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Derbi Variant Sport GPS fun.

 So tonight I decided to GPS my Derbi Flatreed after the I drilled the carb and intake to 15mm. It was funnnnnn and my top speed was 44.1 mph...not bad for a unmolested stock cylinder. I am currently running stock gearing of 13 x 33, 15mm dellorto sha with 75 jet with just a plastic shroud filter, 15mm intake, stock reeds, stock timing, stock clutch springs, stock head, stock cylinder, 2 weights taken out of the stock varo (yes there are 4 in there right now) and a derbi ninja circuit pipe with holes in it.  I'm very satisfied at the moment with the performance seeing as all upgrades other than the pipe were free.  With 2 weights removed the take off is similar to a kitted bike, but I think I may be missing out on a millimeter or two of varation. I totally soft seized it after I GPSed it though!! I was riding to the gas station and right when I hit the powerband, I realized the gas wasnt on and I came to a screeching stop hahaha. But it started back up and idles fine so WHATEVER!

Ps. I was wearing a treats shirt and I'm sure it helped.

Got some new headlight stickers from my dude Nate!!! wwwoooo
Pepi is official.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Morini Brake Lights, V1 porting Success, stock Derbi tuning, and a few photos.

Busy week of getting stupid on mopeds! Found out some things I didnt know which is always cool. I've been drilling out a ton of Dellorto Sha 14:12 carbs to 15mm and its been real fun. I can safely say I've mastered it.  But I have read of them being drilled to 15.5mm or 16mm so I'll graduate to that soon enough. Been riding all my bikes a ton and trying to get them to mes sup which I am very good at doing. drilled my 12:12 to 15mm on the variant sport and matched the intake. Then took 3 weights out the variator, the low and mid is pretty insane for a stock cylinder... BUT of course it wont variate all the way. haha so I'm gonna have to add some more weight. I discovered a new tool to love and here are some stupid photos.

Ever think your brake wiring is hooked up properly and yet your Italian bike still dies a second after you pull the brake levers? Well you may have the wrong voltage bulbs in and think it will be fine. it isnt. Too high of voltage will pull just enough juice away from the coil to kill your engine. PS pics are of a Morini M01 engine on an Andiamo.
 I used to think "yeajust use a12 volt because it wont blow out" I was being dumb.

 Bought a flatreed center stand for a Derbi ds50 and had to extend it. It's now painted black and doesnt look so ghetto.
 Damen st burnt Church.
 "Yea I just kept riding on it man, can you fix this?"

 Alright! The Pepi rides again. The port job I did has paid off netting a 6 mph gain from 28 mph to a whopping 34 mph. It's wrapping out so high with that dumb gearing hahah. I'm planning to drill the carb and intake to 15mm soonish and see wheat else I can squeeze out of it. :) stoked!
 Round 2 Hercules tank flush. I'm using vinegar because I am poor.
 So I just realized that this 1 1/4th (roughly 32mm) socket fits on everything!!!!! I'm using the shit out of it. Derbi triple tree nut.
 Derbi Laguna shock top nutterz
fits HPI rotor!!
 Also fits the inside nut holding the whole pug varo together, you know the one that is recessed and is hard as shit to get a crescent wrench on.
 Treats gear teaser!
We got a sweet new dog at the castle, his name is Wiley, if you see him you should pet him.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

V1 piston gone wild, I hate buses, and shitty porting.

So yesterday I'm absolutely blazing the streets on my stock pepi, it was so nice out so may girls were waving at me (none). All of a sudden I feel this kind of seize thing... and not after like a huge straight away or anything, it's like a block after a stop sign. But it starts right up and goes another few blocks and then dies for good.  So I only have a shitty rope lock thing cause I assumed I would lock it up in front of MOPED while I worked. I got kind of pissed cause I hit my knee on the killswitch trying to pedal it, but I played it cool for all the ladies on the streets. Isn't it funny how sometimes when you have moped problems you feel like everyone around is watching you? Which they probably are, yea they totally are. How about when that good ole boy comes up and is like "do you have gas in it?" REALLY?!? No sir the sole thing that makes this little dumb motorbike I ride RUN AND FUNCTION is totally what I havent thought of yet. Thank you for your expert analysis sir, you can go back to selling bootleg t-shirts now. Now IF my moped brand was "Tommy Hilfingers" then maybe I would consider his diagnosis, but this moped is from Italy and not Virginia.
 So I lock up my bike as close to the street as possible to ward off theft and grab a snickers to cool me out. Well now I'm 15 blocks from the train station and I realize that I have to take the bus. I hate the bus and have never taken it. Also I have no smart phone to tell me anything. But I ask a girl about the bus and she sets me straight, then asks "whats wrong with your scooter?" I told her that I built it out of scraps and was working out the kinks cause you know I didn't wanna look bad. hahaha. She explains how she wants a ruckus and I cant stop thinking about how she looks like the lead singer of KITTIE.
 She busts out some good questions about moped though, such as: Do they run off of diesel? and why didnt you just pedal it to work? It was hard to explain that when pedaling a Minarelli my cadence would be out of control and I would surely pass out. The bus was ok but I was kinda bummed I didn't see like a bum shit his pants or epic beard man knock somebody out. RANT.

Got home and I found this.... Dented skirt? maybe I dropped it when I had it off the engine? The Lord works in mysterious ways I guess.
 Looks like a pile of shit.

So I decided to do some porting. I widened the Exhaust 2mm on each side and raised it 1.5mm. You can kind of tell in the photos. Also I chopped 1mm off the intake piston skirt. SHAWTY
 Before ^^^
 After ^^^

I rode it after the porting and the performance seems to be very similar to stock. I went to the BP and bought some Pepsis so maybe they were weighing me down!? hahah. It idles fine and Ill test it more in the next few days and update my findings. Stoked to be back on the road on the pepi, ripping and tearing dicks in the dirt.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Clean your exhaust pipe, for real.

In the last week I've worked on 3 bike that were acting WACKY because of clogged exhaust pipes. One of them was a maxi that was just really turdy, I adjusted the jetting and timing with no significant difference. I then dropped the exhaust and cleaned it thoroughly, the difference it made in performance was pretty insane actually. Today I took the pipe off of the Hercules 504-A and this is what I found. This bike has 2,000 miles on the speedo when it was parked however long ago. So just imagine what can happen in high mileage bikes. I never used to clean exhausts unless it hindered the moped from running but now I think I'm going to do it to every bike I work on. Ever wonder why your 30 mph model bike goes 25 mph? This could be the culprit.

Like a Hot-Pocket lover's arteries. 
 Usually make a fire outside but tonight it was too cold to even make a fire outside. Chicago WEEEE
 Such a BIG difference.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

VIDEOS!!!!!!!! and vespa weights.

Been super busy building junk lately. Hercules is running but in the middle of the tuning process I figured out that the gas is half crazy juice from the past. It's a fun bike and im stoked to have a sachs moped. My buddy Ryan Schimmel of Tennessee sent me some sweet custom weights and I really dig them. I havent taken my grande over a block or so at a time but the low end rules. Theyre 12.5 grams combined and its SUPER COOL.  Doing porting soon to my stock V1 and should post pics. I CANT SLEEP BEFORE 5 AM CAUSE OF THESE DANGED MOPARDS. I hate caps. my hands are so dirty. the fumes are killing me. made these vids and one isnt even about mopeds but its scenic and has a Morrissey song in it.

 12.5g at 2.5g a piece   
 2.5g vs the stock 8g so 12.5g vs 40g all together.
 Hercules rides again. this thing rules, i prob hit 15 mph on it so far. Im stoked to have a bike to send drunk wesley to the corner store on and not worry about the bike.
Does this gas look good? 

Daniel's Flatreed Laguna project gone wild.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

important update.

Got tired of seeing this Sachs Hercules frozen to the ground. According to Thom, it had been from yard to yard for 6 years. Didnt have a sparkplug and was fully seized. It did have the flywheel cover on (best) and I tapped on the flywheel to unseize it. 2 mins later and its firing on carb cleaner. I have huge plans for this, mostly just to be in a parade on it and maybe break 20 mph, but lets not get our hopes up. Been working on all my bikes, mostly my laguna and will post pics soon about this dumb fender thing I did to it.