Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Clean your exhaust pipe, for real.

In the last week I've worked on 3 bike that were acting WACKY because of clogged exhaust pipes. One of them was a maxi that was just really turdy, I adjusted the jetting and timing with no significant difference. I then dropped the exhaust and cleaned it thoroughly, the difference it made in performance was pretty insane actually. Today I took the pipe off of the Hercules 504-A and this is what I found. This bike has 2,000 miles on the speedo when it was parked however long ago. So just imagine what can happen in high mileage bikes. I never used to clean exhausts unless it hindered the moped from running but now I think I'm going to do it to every bike I work on. Ever wonder why your 30 mph model bike goes 25 mph? This could be the culprit.

Like a Hot-Pocket lover's arteries. 
 Usually make a fire outside but tonight it was too cold to even make a fire outside. Chicago WEEEE
 Such a BIG difference.

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