Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekly Moped Crap - Blown up Vespa Varo, Garelli Basic + pics.

 Inside Varo cheek decided to shoot off in traffic. It was shooting sparks and I said to myself "well you gotta get to work somehow!" and I fucking GASSED IT and blew up like 4 blocks later in the middle of a huge intersection. hahahah fail.
 Good ole flipped belt.
 How the hell did that end up back there?

 Bought another Grande LOOKS NICE.
 Laguna airmailed to the shop.
 Tuned up this nice looking Romeo (Ro-Mae-Ohhhhh) Thunderhawk the other day.
 Chicago Moped Engineers at their finest... wait for it...
 Looking great!
 Handle bars on 1000000! looking great. notice the Oury Grips had to be cut down. I REALLLLY hate those grips, Theyre like holding onto a dildo.
Interesting 1984 Garelli Basic.
 Cool to see a subframe on a Garelli. Also notice the Forrest Gump kickstand (dont worry we replaced it).
 Hard to tell but the intake is offset and diagonal which I'm assuming is to allow the subframe movement without hitting the carb.
 Cool Euro looking headlight. 
Im such a sucker for 83-89 mopeds.