Saturday, May 26, 2012


Sooooo I'm in Seattle now and wanted to update with some of my last weeks happenings in Portland. Lydia made oysters and bacon, both from her families farms, SO GOOD. I drank all the bacon grease and I'm sure I lost a year of my life in that instance. Hung with Maggie and Nik theyre my fuckin homiiiiies! for real. Hung with all the cutters and had a great time every time. Nik, Ryan, Pat, and I went to a natural hot springs and relaxed in the middle of the forest. Gina and Dean had a BBQ and hot tub party that was so great and exactly what our  travelling stomachs needed. Did some riding with Uphill Battle MAN THOSE DUDES ARE WILD. hahah. I fell in love with a stripper who stripped to Morrissey. Got to hang with THE Zach Evans and watched a larping documentary and ate food his lovely girlfriend Emily made. I had a great time and here are some pics.


 Uphill Battle.

 Nik's Maxi

Friday, May 18, 2012

VIDEO - DERBI VARIANT SPORT + new blog + como (MMP) pics

I've been hanging hard in Columbia Missouri with my Mid-Moped (MMP) buddies for the last few days, so Fun. I miss the I-70 midwest cities for real. Getting out of Chicago and going back to Missouri and Kansas is always a good time. First thing that struck me when I arrived in Chicago is "where do you burn things?" and "where is your front yard?" I'm a small town d-bag at heart. I just love the fact that you can do burn outs whenever and dont have to have insurance or a license here. So I never have to worry about plates or whatever when I visit. So I've just been hanign with Ryan Nash and we have been riding, wrneching, and making videos non stop. Here is some of what we have been doing.... DERBI VARIANT SPORT VID AT BOTTOM.

PS made a new blog about moped dude butts its NFSW.

 Ds50 w/ Fasmem pipe.
 Kitted Pyramid Reed featuring "my first intake" (not mine tho but it was somebodys gdamn)
 just the tip

 This wingnut needed his carb cleaned and we charged him 60 bucks! what a nerd!
 Everytime Ryan Nash trolls you, this is where he is. TROLL CAVE.
(I was like "PUT A FEW POSTERS UP MAN" might make it seem less like a funyun dungeon.
 Blk Blk Cappucino
 we met this dude at a glory hole we found on craigslist, he parties.
HAHAHAHAHH riding starts at 3:29

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

TRIP - Midwest - Portland

So today I'm leaving Chicago to head out to Portland OR. Bummed I'm missing the Lafayetti's rally this weekend but I'll just have to visit them when I get back. First I'm going to Columbia, MO to hang with my good Mid-Moped (MMP) buddies and fellow BLK BLK member Ryan Nash. I'll probably just babble about Derbis and do flat land skate tricks in the shop (IRL trolling). The reason I'm headed to Portland is because my friend Zach is moving there and we are driving out with him. Also I've never been and want to hang with Puddlecutters and Uphill Battle. From Columbia we are headed to Denver for a day and then on to Portland. It's been like 3 weeks since my last rally and I'm glad to be travelling. Should be cool. Here are some moped pictures I took in the last week.

Destroying America with the shop cat.
1980 pepi for life.
 Laguna needed new pipe mount.
 Cracked pipe fixed, i was wondering why my idle was so high.

Benelli General gets a kickstart V1.

Got a "learn to ride" video so I can finally not crash at rallies.

Monday, May 14, 2012

NEW PROJECT!! 1980 pepi

got a new project this thing is so WETTTT 1980 rigid pepi with minarelli! what now dad? said i wasnt going to be shit. SUCK IT X PAC WOLFPACK. good god. but really... Im pumped to build a minarelli :).

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back in Chicago for a sec.

It's nice to be back at the castle, hopey (castle cat) missed me and I missed him.  Oh and here are some pics from the last few days including: Chicago is funny, Derbi 3 roller custom weights fail, helping Tony HNRZ move from original HNRz shop aka RANDO shop.

 This is where I live.
 No dreaded Derbi crank wobble.
 Better luck next time AKA dont use brass tube and epoxy.

Elisabeth from Metal Ponies sent me a shirt and old cell phone I needed. I love her and I owe her 214124094809148 times. So I'm gonna rock this shirt until it's black.