Saturday, May 26, 2012


Sooooo I'm in Seattle now and wanted to update with some of my last weeks happenings in Portland. Lydia made oysters and bacon, both from her families farms, SO GOOD. I drank all the bacon grease and I'm sure I lost a year of my life in that instance. Hung with Maggie and Nik theyre my fuckin homiiiiies! for real. Hung with all the cutters and had a great time every time. Nik, Ryan, Pat, and I went to a natural hot springs and relaxed in the middle of the forest. Gina and Dean had a BBQ and hot tub party that was so great and exactly what our  travelling stomachs needed. Did some riding with Uphill Battle MAN THOSE DUDES ARE WILD. hahah. I fell in love with a stripper who stripped to Morrissey. Got to hang with THE Zach Evans and watched a larping documentary and ate food his lovely girlfriend Emily made. I had a great time and here are some pics.


 Uphill Battle.

 Nik's Maxi

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