Wednesday, December 19, 2012

MONO Presents: Return to 50cc Cylinders. WHO DAT!?

Last rally of the year for me was the MONO rally in New Orleans. This was my second time hanging in NOLA this year, but the first time at a MONO rally. I HIGHLY recommend this rally, because of the raddness I know a ton of people who will be returning next year. The ride down was sick with all the HNRZ mobbin the Ram Van. Friday: the night ride got rowdy, passing cars on the left and right rules, Paraols dance party, firecracker shrimp poboys, getting hated for saying "moped groupies" too loud, dont goto sleep til 8 am. Saturday: Eat breakfast 2 times (christine's was the best), stoop life, homeless santa tshirt toss was tight, I got a witch hat that gave me crabs in my beard, Shop hang, Hippie's bus, potholes, vests, lake, parasols, coffee, ETC. So much rad shit. Went on a freaking GATOR TOUR shit was hilarious. Learned what Nutria were and I want one now. Thx Dez for the end of the world, modern neighborhood, bridge, cemetery tour. I have come to love NOLA and I'm actually still here. Swamp Mamas and MONO are the best!  If you dont come to this rally next year, you are down with the syndrome. 

Special thx to Suzie, Christine, Eric, Phil, Matty (Bernie), Darlee for being so rad and letting me crash or feeding me.

Ps watch the HILARIOUS news video at the bottom.

Take us to the fun Chad.

Bena's Swag
"I brought this in case I break down."


Santa from the X-files runs down the road.

Hippie's breakdown bus.

GLG/BLKBLK  dats whats up.
Laguna makes another rally.
Dude was pissed.

So many back patches.

The one with Suzie's ass was too "blurry" hahha

Drunk people in rental trucks.
So cute.

Jumbalaya and Emerica's Stay Gold at Erics.

lol at Andrew's face.

End of the World.
Smith's lyrics written by a confused oogle.
"So this is travelling"