Monday, April 30, 2012

fucking with HNRZ prospects + getting to know the go pro.

Last night we had a party and the prospects got messed with pretty hard. I felt like we were in a frat gone bad.... we were all wet and sticky, some bugs were licking on me. It was my birthday and I got some laserdiscs (some Bruce Lee, She's Gotta Have It, and Undersiege), pretty cool.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Olreans MONO and a few WB5 shots.

So after Austin I headed to New Orleans to hang with the MONO moped crew. These dudes are super rad! Theyre always busy tackling the French bikes, Mostly Motobecanes. These dudes are sweet and enthuised on mopeds, they really get it. I've never been to New Orleans so it was rad and I ate a bunch of weird food. Met some cool people and learned about mopeds. We rodeup to lousiville with the MONO dudes and Dez from the Cranks. I left mycamera in some radno car the whole WB5 rally so I only got a few shots. Here are some pics and videos.

Eric's sasquatch shower.
Parasols for every meal.

Bum looking for his mind at the bus stop.
"noone ever buys these pickled pig lips so were giving them to you for free" YUM
 CT90 rescue mission in the French Quarter with nate and mason.

350cc 2-stroke single BRAP BRAP

"Where have the years gone? WHY have they gone?"
Name that Creature.
"I should have kissed her when I had the chance."

Some of my fav moped ladies ever!
Fav Gang.

Going home in the ram van.