Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Awesome Nashville rally this weekend! Hosted by the Dead Peds. AS ALWAYS GREAT RIDE and rally. Got to see so many good friends that I need a break day to think about nothing.  Good to see Dead Peds, BLK BLK, HNRZ, Buzzards, SlowGoers, Home Aloners,  Logan Lions, MMP, Lafayettis, Bandits, and everyone.... Here are a few pics, I didnt take alot.

My Laguna did well with the custom weights I made for it but I think they were getting stuck out ormy starter clutches were stuck. I dubbed up

Kitted c2 NO BIGGIE. Will from HNRZ being a pretty bitch like always!
Im making a new blog soon all about moped babes' butts.
Bobert! 620!
Poop mouth.
Sexy Joker AKA Hot Heath.
Home Aloners and HNRZ collab.
New Headlight Sticker. HOME ALONERS.
JEALOUS but Bobby is tiight. doesnt he look suave in this pic?
Night Ride.
Wet Lense.
Well look at that.
HNRZ drooling.
YOWEE. Daniel HNRZ bike gets some love.
Mandatory Seth and Mike Derbi Nashville Bridge Pic.
My cool cupcake rider of the weekend, Sarah P.
Will from Swoops likes meenough to be my chair.

Home Aloners SHREDDING stock cylinders.

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