Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Moving around.

So my camera died and every time I goto the store I end up buying twizzlers and not batteries. I've left Austin and am heading back to Chicago. I stopped in Hutchinson Ks, Lawrence Ks, KC MO, COMO!, and am currently in Des Moines, IA. Got to see a TON of moped homies and it's great to have loaners all over the place. Got to see Kenden, Ryan Nash, and Nash Wiley, need I say more? Not to mention all the MIDMO, CT, BB friends. So headed to Chicago tomorrow with a pit stop to see my buddy Robert in IL to drop off some 5 stars. From Chicago I'll prob chill for 1 minute and then head to Nashville,  ahhhhh. Rally season rules! SO BUSY also with the help of MIDMO Ive been making and curing (in my car) derbi 3 roller custom weights. So when I match those with clutch springs and my Derbi Ninja pipe, I should have a great setup on my Laguna and be super reliable and close to stock. pics coming soon.

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