Friday, March 2, 2012

Vespa Ads GALORE!

Busy week! Lester busted out some old Vespa ads and brochures, I had a hay day.
 Anymore, all we can order is overpriced kids Puch Jerseys off ebay that make us look fat.
 GIMME THOSE VESPA SHIRTS! or the Cho-Mo hat in the corner. That dipshit looks like Robin Williams showing up late to his kid's baseball game in Hook.... Keep Tryin. TIME OUT THATS SEABASS FROM DUMB & DUMBER.
 On the way to: Rob a bank and/or Get laid. ps I think you only have 23 psi in that rear tire.
  Ciao nerds unite!
From left to right: "Art Kid", Cute Kelly Crowderish overalls swag, MICHAEL JACKSON?, Old ass Asian CryptKeeper, Ginger spice married to a Coke dealer, "this bitch collects beanie babies", all I can say about the last dude is...."White People".
 This is actually a picture of how Moped Army rallies used to be.
 Old person wet dream.

This picture rules on so many levels.
Long seat for either or both.
 I Want To Believe.
 "how much? how fast?" is on page 500.
 Blow these up and read them. This dude is way cooler than all of us.

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  1. straight up party express, especially the bro modelling the vespa trucker hat!!! thanks for sharing