Monday, March 12, 2012


SOOOO got a new camera, not too good but it will get me by. been super busy working on stuff and SXSW is happening right now. So its like 1,000,000 Bernies from weekend at Bernie's 2 congesting all of Austin. Got some good buddies on town right now. Brett from KC (Peugeot dude for life, doesnt like Puchs. I once saw him drop kick a magnum and made it into a step thru cause he hated it so much.). Benji (HNRZ prospect) and Hannah (his GF she's a cool babe) from Chicago are here running around somewhere. Funny story.... Tony from HNRZ told Benji that since I was in BLK BLK and Trifecta that he had to do whatever I said. So since I'm not a mean person, I just made him stand against a wall and we shot him with a slice of pizza out of a water balloon launcher. He took it like a champ and has received nothing but respect from me since! This week at the shop we got in a 1980 Batavus Mondial and a Sapporo moped, which I include photos of. Also we met with Doug Joseph who is the U.S. Tomos Sales Manager, he's a really rad and nice dude!

 This is a Vespa Ciao that Jimbo is building for his Girlfriend. Keeping it simple. Euro lights heyhey!
 1980 Batavus Mondial.
 Shares same engines an Peugeot 103 and TSMs.

 Lester recently acquired this Sapporo Moped from Houston.
 This have a55 tomos engines, custom frame, and are built up from a ton of other moped parts. More info on these bikes here -
Negrini/Pacer tank is sooo WETTTT.
Long seat because you know you're gonna wet some panties or briefs with this bike.
 Doug Joseph! Tomos Sales Manager. Down to Earth dude! P.s. Why am I standing like a Minotaur?

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  1. I seen this types of bikes in market its such a very nice. Its very comfortable Long seat, Negrini/Pacer tank, a55 tomos engines, custom frame, and are built up from a ton of other moped parts. So According to me its very comfort.