Sunday, September 30, 2012

Radium City Presents: Parks and Wreck 2: Don't Drink The Water.

SOOOO This weekend ruled! Will, Benji, Nicole and I headed to Ottawa IL for the second Radium City Riders rally. We only went up for Saturday becasue the drive is only an hour and a half! Which totally ruled for us because I needed a break from driving 15 hours to rallies. We arrived around noon and it was a beautiful day. Got geared up for the ride and HNRZ josh and I both snapped throttle our cables. So we got his car and just followed break down bus. We went to Starved Rock which ruled and the ride was super pretty. We got to skate leftover's sick ramp and see his moped collection too which was a nice little rally break. The night ride was also sweet! I cupcaked HNRZ Josh on a kitted Honda Elite that was supplied by my homie Rob Balk. WE WERE SHREDDING!!!! FOR REAL OMG. hahah. It was generally just a nice chill refreshing out-of-the-city rally. Def will attend next year! Cool dudes and cool rides! Also good jerb Logan Lions for showing up hard, Alex I'm happy your bike is ripping.

P.S. I got a a new camera finally! It's just a Nikon d3100 (got it for cheap cheap off craigslist) but I'm stoked to take good pics and video again.

 Last 3 years of my life captured in 1 photo.

 Classic Futo Maki.
 Cutest Yeti you know.
 "Head down to the Moody Marlin and head left, you'll see Bennett's Burger on your right"

 Nino, Mike, and Doug.

 Starved rock.

 Senior Photos.

 Ramp Time. PS Check his blog Left Over Mopeds.
 Glare to Fakie. 

 I remember the first time I rode a tall bike.

 Logan Lions WTF.
Rally Tee. (Thx Jason Klutzzkzkt for giving it to me because you will 10000 things in raffles)

Rando Castle pic: The deck is coming together.

Friday, September 28, 2012


This blog and the shop have been getting some write ups lately check these out.

Chicago Reader 

This site I've never been to did a little spotlight on the fact that I'm into Derbis, I'm flattered. I like the site and as far as I can tell its a small displacement motorcycle site with tons of cool stuff to dig through.You'll need to translate this.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


10000 hour drive of hell led us to Wilmington NC, i don't regret it. Stayed with Suzi, partied with the rest of the WLR and they are darlings. I highly recommend this rally for anyone who can make it. I think it was so far my favorite rally of the year. We rode to the OCEAN which is a big deal for me cause I've never been to the Atlantic. Didnt take too many pics but shit was fun.
Suzi's backyard.

The Satellite Bar oved by WLR Dusty. (2 dollars for a coke? cmon now)

More Nerds.
Baltard : My white trash cousins.
I LOVE YOU CHAD (nice shirt)
WE STOPPED AT A SHEETZ. Theyre my fave gas stations EVER.

HAHAHA noone has excuses notto come to rallies anymore.
KZ hitting the touch screen insane menu.
Bucket of fries? gimme dat.


Red Beet hard boiled eggs, crab chips, and espresso coconut water.
Glass o wine.

My Baltard friends gave me this *Cherish*
ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with this customer bike. 17s on a variated ciao wooo!

Retro BLK BLK build getting resurrected.