Sunday, September 9, 2012

Random moped photos #4 - AMTRAK + last few weeks.

Just some rando crap from the last few weeks. M.O.P.E.D., new projects, and travelling.

GUYS I GOT EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH! Will gave me this Laguna weakends pipe and its working pretty well so far.
$80 dollar Peugeot 103 project. AKA shop bike.
So that's why my bike would idle and not rev out! damn the Arizona tea shims. mikunis rule!
THE Magnum LTD that ate my fingers off.
Good look! Went back to the stock 14:12 Sha (66 jet feels a little lean) and got the weakends pipe.

Amtrak train observation car at night... NAME THAT MOVIE!
Side note: Bald guy on the right got super wasted and ate some Vicodins (he was telling everyone about the pills he had) and passed the fuck out on the middle of the top floor isle. HAHAH He weighed like 400 lbs and they had to DISCONNECT THE TRAIN CARS AND HOIST HIM DOWN hahahah. Cost everyone 2 hours of their time because this dude couldnt handle himself. What a shit show! Dude was partying by himself like a 17 year old boy, what a NOOB!
Made this video on Amtrak while I was bored.
$10 dollar 1977 Puch maxi I bought while visiting home. needs work but I'm stoked to have a stocker to putts around my hometown on eventually.
Missing engine bolts are my fav thing to repair... SIKE!


  1. Toilet paper on Amtrack.... hilarious

    Love your Laguna... still

  2. Thanks Andrew! yea boredom makes you do strange things. My laguna is getting dinged up but thx man, I's my daily rider and it never lets me down.

  3. I saw some people hating on that... dings=character... after all, it is a moped... ride it or sell it.

    I just moved to Columbus and haven't brought my mopeds yet... can't wait to get my daily rider back.

    Hope to see you around soon. I need to make a Chicago/MLM trip soon.