Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The things you see working at a moped shop. + Moby Turbo kit pipe, Demm Smily head options,

So I finally got around to posting some random M.O.P.E.D. photos, my lightroom has been screwed up for the last month but I finally figured it out.  It's interesting working at a shop because you see tons of weird fixes, modifications and personal stylings. I really enjoy working on all types of bikes that I wouldnt have access to without the shop. Sometimes you just need to do a tune-up on a sweet Batavus to remind yourself why mopeds rule.  Here are some pics from around the shop.
 Focus..... Warbux magnum came through and made me think of the older days of Chicago moped shops.
 An interesting boost port modification. 
Some times I leave little notes for people.
Which way does this huge arrow go!~?
 "yea it runs, just need it jetted" Also look at that petcock a centimeter away from the carb haha.
 One of our favorite customers got in a fender bender.
 We got it sorted out.
Motion Left Relics from the past.
 Moped Trivia: NAME THAT PART!!!!
 Got to install a Motobecane Turbo Kit side bleed pipe.
The rear pipe mount on the engine cases took some fiddling but it ended up mounting fine.
 I had to remove the kickstand and hack the mount for the pipe to not rub while fully variated. 
So I was VERY excited to finally work on a derny bike. The gentleman who inquired about getting it worked on was relieved we actually knew what it was. If you dont know, a derny bike is a E50 powered (usually) pace setting bike for the Velodrome races. Check out videos of the racers drafting them, it's cool. BTW this bike has a throttle dial and is completely fixed gear, it was fun to ride. The fellow who brought it in said "Mr. Bianchi....imported this from Germany" Idk how true that is, but it was exciting to have in the shop. 
Puch E50, 21mm PHGB, 80cc Metra kit and a pipe that doesnt exactly perform at all. I installed a condenser and this came with no lighting coil, pretty sweet. 
 Bonus funny Derny bike video, the Thin Lizzy and radness starts at 1:05.
 A BEAUTIFUL 1986 General 5 star came through the shop recently. We installed an 80cc Polini, 15:15 SHA, and a Zen pipe. It was almost a shame because of how everything on the bike was pristine. 

 Next was some funky Sachs fixes we saw. This guy gets A for effort and working with what he had. 
 What a very nice homemade Sachs transmission cover.
So I picked up a Demm Smily for cheap cheap and had to address a few issues. First the piston was gone so I grabbed a stock 38mm Minarelli V1 piston and threw it in. Secondly the head was stripped out and after a failed helicoil attempt, I went and dug in my parts pile. I found that Tomos and Puch stud pattern was a direct fit with the Demm. Out of all the Tomos and Puch heads the Tomos A3 seemed to be the most similar in size and looks to the stock Demm cylinder. The only issue was the head was too thick and the cylinder studs barely stuck through the holes in the head.  I just took the head to a drill press and drilled the holes to be more shallow. With all that done, I ran a stock puch head gasket and it works great. I sold the bike to my neighbor and he has been ripping hard on it. Demms are such fun little stock bikes, everyone should have one for going to garage sales on.