Thursday, October 24, 2013

Solo Odyssey 40/2 with stock Solomatic clutch pulley.

So a bike I've always wanted to work on came through the shop the other day, it was a Solo Odyssey 40/2. These German made mopeds are stock "watercooled" that have a static water jacket, case inducted, and resemble a Batavus m48 meets a Peugeot 103 engine. They were designed by the Solo brothers who I like to call the "MORE LIKE YOLO BROTHERS". The Solo motors come in 1 and 2 speed models as well as some variated models. I'm assuming the 2 in 40/2 means it's a 2 speed. The interesting thing about the 2 speed is that the first gear clutch is on the crank and the second gear clutch is in the rear pulley. As far as I know it's the only US model of mopeds to come with a factory stock clutch pulley. I think the best application for this would be on a stock moby, stock 103, or perhaps a batavus m48 for some extra kick.

Here are some cross-sections and a page from the manual with seals and bearings if you need that info.

There are a number of other odd things about this bike. It uses a 10mm round top bing, it has a handlebar lever that controls whether you can pedal backwards or not, and the stock watercooling. P.S. from what I gathered the cylinder/head takes 50/50 antifreeze mixture. Here are a few pics I took of the bike, of course I had to take the clutch pulley completely apart :)

 I really dig the seat.

 The circle indent is the plug to refill the coolant.
 2nd gear cltuch pulley
 1st gear clutch on the crank.
 Bosch ignition.
 This is the cable controlled lever that stops you from back pedaling. The lever is on the throttle control side where most bikes have the choke lever.
 This thing is pretty heavy.
 15 teeth.

 I just tapped the outside with a mallet for a while and it cracked. There is a rubber ring gasket around the whole half so be careful not to mess it up.

 Clutch arms.

 Fairly easy to spread open.
 Clutch pads.

 Not pictured is the same sized shims that go underneath these gears. 

 Dont forget this gasket.
 Tried to pull the front clutch to see the starter clutch and everything but the puller seems super small and we didnt have it. The CEV puller was too big and it was the smallest we had.
 Intake looks pretty small but I like the rubber ring gasket.

 Odd shaped plate.

That's a new one! ps this bike came with a 58 jet in it.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rando photos of the week + CMON Atomic, really?

Just a week at the shop and snapped some photos of what i thought was rad/dumb.

 Puch Newport with auto start (no starter clutch) and oil injection.
 Oil reservoir. .
 Really though, what color are these? silver? light pink? light purple?
 Cmon dude, take some pride in your first puch. 
More Atomic ZA50 oil injection plugs came in today. Not stoked at all on these. They hand made and you can totally tell. The only time I could ever see these coming in useful is in a shop setting where its easier to just pop one on in 5 mins instead of making one and taking 30 mins all together. I would never use these at home. Atomic makes some good products but these and the puch center stand spacers are pretty poor quality. See them here, not worth $10 IMO The gasket it comes with is nice +1.

 My fav noped! 1986 Suzuki shuttle (FA50) in Lilac with white seat. So hot.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Visiting friends who have rad mopeds + Buying a few.

Made a fun little moped related trip to STL yesterday. I got to stop at the Pink Elephant Antique Mall which always rules. It was super nice out and the 5 hour drive didnt seem bad. I went to hang out with my buddy Declan and buy some bikes from him. This dude is into totally weird bikes and has quite the collection. He does have a fast-ish turn over rate so he always has something new.  I went to trade/buy a Vespa Citta and Motobecane M11. I traded the Pepi!!! (END OF AN ERA) which sucks but really no garage should only be bringing bikes in, you have to have a rotation AKA share the love! and Minarellis. So here are some pics of his garage full of Euro weirdness.

 How many vespa powered bikes can you find in this picture?
Super Bravo with kickstart vespa engine and plastic gas tank.
Peugeot Scoper 105 with dual variated engine, ready to ride to bingo.
Personal Fav! Italjet Pack 2. A vespa powered fold out moped, crazy racks and dangerously fun.
Picked up this Vespa Citta, very excited to get it together. The stance is awesome and I'm excited to have a moped that wont take a ton of room, good for rallies. Looks like it will fit in a car trunk with the handlebars down.
 So sweet! Cme with all the sidecovers too which really tickles my fancy.
Motobecane M11. Non-Variated engine with AV7 case resemblance, excited to take it apart and learn about it. Oh and guess what? THE GURTNER IS LEAKY big surprise. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

1977 Moped's Reality Factory Grand Opening.

Went to the Reality Factory grand opening last night, shit was rad! The building is great and hopefully will do Dan & Co good. We all had a great time and got to see some great faces. We didnt get back til 7 a.m. hahah. Thanks for having us dudes.


 Gotta LOVE the cheesey original MA comics!! 


 Looked good.
Fucking love these things. Look close, front pegs, pedals, and rear pegs! Thats so many foot positions for added comfort and riding enjoyment. 

 I talked these newbs into ditching their 28mm flatslides for Gurtners in this isle,  good deed of the day. 
 Sounds good! I'll take 3.

 "So that's how engines work"
 Every botched ebay moped search ends in this pink thing.
 Double tops are dolls.

So cool.