Saturday, October 5, 2013

1977 Moped's Reality Factory Grand Opening.

Went to the Reality Factory grand opening last night, shit was rad! The building is great and hopefully will do Dan & Co good. We all had a great time and got to see some great faces. We didnt get back til 7 a.m. hahah. Thanks for having us dudes.


 Gotta LOVE the cheesey original MA comics!! 


 Looked good.
Fucking love these things. Look close, front pegs, pedals, and rear pegs! Thats so many foot positions for added comfort and riding enjoyment. 

 I talked these newbs into ditching their 28mm flatslides for Gurtners in this isle,  good deed of the day. 
 Sounds good! I'll take 3.

 "So that's how engines work"
 Every botched ebay moped search ends in this pink thing.
 Double tops are dolls.

So cool.

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