Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Visiting friends who have rad mopeds + Buying a few.

Made a fun little moped related trip to STL yesterday. I got to stop at the Pink Elephant Antique Mall which always rules. It was super nice out and the 5 hour drive didnt seem bad. I went to hang out with my buddy Declan and buy some bikes from him. This dude is into totally weird bikes and has quite the collection. He does have a fast-ish turn over rate so he always has something new.  I went to trade/buy a Vespa Citta and Motobecane M11. I traded the Pepi!!! (END OF AN ERA) which sucks but really no garage should only be bringing bikes in, you have to have a rotation AKA share the love! and Minarellis. So here are some pics of his garage full of Euro weirdness.

 How many vespa powered bikes can you find in this picture?
Super Bravo with kickstart vespa engine and plastic gas tank.
Peugeot Scoper 105 with dual variated engine, ready to ride to bingo.
Personal Fav! Italjet Pack 2. A vespa powered fold out moped, crazy racks and dangerously fun.
Picked up this Vespa Citta, very excited to get it together. The stance is awesome and I'm excited to have a moped that wont take a ton of room, good for rallies. Looks like it will fit in a car trunk with the handlebars down.
 So sweet! Cme with all the sidecovers too which really tickles my fancy.
Motobecane M11. Non-Variated engine with AV7 case resemblance, excited to take it apart and learn about it. Oh and guess what? THE GURTNER IS LEAKY big surprise. 

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