Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rando photos of the week + CMON Atomic, really?

Just a week at the shop and snapped some photos of what i thought was rad/dumb.

 Puch Newport with auto start (no starter clutch) and oil injection.
 Oil reservoir. .
 Really though, what color are these? silver? light pink? light purple?
 Cmon dude, take some pride in your first puch. 
More Atomic ZA50 oil injection plugs came in today. Not stoked at all on these. They hand made and you can totally tell. The only time I could ever see these coming in useful is in a shop setting where its easier to just pop one on in 5 mins instead of making one and taking 30 mins all together. I would never use these at home. Atomic makes some good products but these and the puch center stand spacers are pretty poor quality. See them here, not worth $10 IMO The gasket it comes with is nice +1.

 My fav noped! 1986 Suzuki shuttle (FA50) in Lilac with white seat. So hot.

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