Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vespa CiaoDar fun fun.

 Stoked to be finished with one of my Vespas. I bought this ciao at the STL rally off of Ryan Nash who got it from Rob Balk. The price was right at $75 and it came with a title! Got a some malossi varo goodies and a donated rusty 64cc malossi kit from will @ MOPED. Techno Circuit pipe provided by the FAMOUS Zacarius of Chicago il and we are very proud to have him as a part of our scene. Thom gave me the seat and I really have no idea what vespa it came off. If you know, let me know. The headlight came off your mom and I stole the rear view mirror off of a Lambo. Stoked to have another dumb looking shredder around.... come to chicago and ride it dudes! 

 Old maxi shocks turned into Thugs only springer seat.
 Tony from HNRZ showed up to wreck it asap.
 Missy Elliot video helmet.
 New build for garage. Swagger Dracula: All stock Puegeot 103 with a mykitech clutch pulley and a Malossi launch lever. I DARE you to find me a moped with worse low end than this.
This photo has been brought to you by the song in Blade where the Vampire club has the blood sprinklers going CRAZY.  Click the vid below and lose control.