Monday, March 5, 2012

RANDOM MOPED PHOTOS #2 Motron photo shoot?

So this week has been busy! Building rando projects and keeping up with small jobs. The Tomos rep is visiting us tomorrow wooo! We spruced up the shop. ALSO pretty sure my camera got stolen so it might be a sec before I update. : /.
 Paint job is sooooo WETTTTT!
 Yes I'll go to the homecoming dance with you.
  I was there.
 Picked these dudes up on the ride home from hacky sack practice.
 "Oh you have a Chinese scooter with holes drilled in the pipe? Let me get Jimbo he's our scooter dude"
 I joined the hand turkey club.
 BLK BLK paid us a visit, but left when we didnt have enough drugs for them to eat.
Honda Spree +1 cool point.

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