Friday, February 24, 2012

SHITTIEST MOPED EVER + Funny Puch prank to pull on friends.

So I think this is it, my answer to the "shittiest moped ever?" debate. The 1987 Kamasura, FINAL ANSWER. This is excluding the AMF roadmaster of course. But to tell you the truth.... the roadmasters I've rode give me a humble funny feeling, these just piss me off. So ok lets first talk about the basics, it's a Chinese Sach clone.... need I say more? I'm going to rant on this one so excuse me if I go astray. Here are some pics I took of one laying around the shop, as well as some MA pics.

 OK this is like a bad dream. LOOK AT THE REAR SHOCKS? WTF? Are you kidding me? This is the moped we would all be issued if we killed ourselves and when to wristcuttersville. Picture me and Tom Waits hating our lives and riding 2 mph through the desert, with Gogol Bordello playing in the background. Barf.
HAHAHAHA WHY. I think these rims are for like 1.5 tires found on early recumbent bikes from your nightmare. Frame built by the same kids who made the erector set Babe Ruth ball launcher in "Sandlot".
 I dare you to just blow these up to the original size and look for longer than 10 seconds. Those forks are off of a Mech Warrior action figure.
All plastics on there were actually gathered from the Titanic wreckage to save money. OH and thank god there is a front rack to carry a gun in to kill myself when I realize this thing will never top 24mph and everyone is frowning at me.
GOD I love the reverse rake of these shocks, great for when I ride on my taillight from the 1800's.
 WAZ THIS? Dual gas tanks? (other one not on downtube removed from this particular bike)
Translation from Chinese: "Your Funeral"

NEXT: Funny Puch Prank! 

See how well your friend can tune his clutch with these..... "yea bud I just do 2 1/2 turns in from flush!"


  1. "Picture me and Tom Waits hating our lives and riding 2 mph through the desert, with Gogol Bordello playing in the background."
    I'm pretty sure ive seen a Jim Jarmusch film with nearly that exact scene.
    I kind of think i love that image. I want to paint it.

  2. i love Jim Jarmusch! Down By law forever.