Friday, February 17, 2012

KTM frame, Mobylette, Grande....+ rando pics + winter rant.

Been having fun working at Austin Mopeds. I feel like Jimbo, Lester and I are a good team because we are all real gay nerds. Jimbo talks about selling panties on craigslist from a cloud of smoke, Lester smiles big like a happy Asian while rethreading things, and I just look for the magic pliers and my keys. The shop is really fun to work at because I feel like I actually want to work there and do a good job. While working I try to snap pics of things I think are interesting or look cool. Here are a few pictures I took this week.

Also it's so warm here compared to the midwest. While its fun to wear t-shirts and ride all year round I have to admit that I miss the snow. I miss being snowed in, I miss snowey movies (The Thing, The Shining, Ice Pirates, Storm of The Century, Dreamcatcher...), I miss rebuilding engines next to space heaters, I miss crashing peds on ice and just laying there and laughing with your friend who crashed because they hit you. Don't take winter for granted, its like foreplay for mopedders..

 Confused in the morning carrying around a Coffee baby.
Mobylette : OH YOU FANCY HUH?

 KTM frame, came with 504 that attached to a bracket which attached to the frame. Rumored to fit multiple engines due to more holes in the frame. If you remove the 504 brackets an E50 fits right in, but ZA50 requires minor frame hacking on the clutch side. While I had the E50 dropped I held a V1 up in the slot and I can say that you'll need to do some frame hacking to get it in there.
Bubba's Vespa Grande.
Vespa Malossi Cases nom nom nom
 I got a new VCR for watching videos real close while I BLOG DUDE.
 I throw this up when I'm feelin Frisky. TRIFECTA WHAT WHAT!
East Side Hate Boys Noped Club, these dudes are fucking insane.

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