Thursday, February 9, 2012

Removing Motobecane motor mounts and random crap photos.

Today while trying to overcome my Moby demons.... we made a goofy tool for removing the motor mounts.
What you'll need:
4-5 inch long bolt and nut
1 1/4 socket (bigger would probably work too but this one fits just right)
a couple washers, 1 as big or a little bigger than the motor mount's circumference. the other to go between the big washer and the nut.
tools to tighten them down
a hammer
a long bolt or bar to hit things with.

First thing is to put the washers on the inside of the mount and the socket on the outside (seen below). Then tighten up everything tight and make sure it's all lined up.

 Next from the other side, line up a rod on the bolt and smack it with a hammer. This might take a few wacks but it will break the mount free and slide it a few mm's. Then tighten the whole setup again and repeat the hammering. Do this over and over until the mount has finally slid through and into the 1 1/4th socket. Done!

Here are some rando shop photos from this week.

Solo engine photo shoot for reference. Cool little stock water cooled engines, case inducted, strange bing, weird pancake pipe (the insides are like labyrinths, I saw David Bowie contact juggling in there). these have many similarities and swappable parts with Batavus mopeds.
 Double Swaggin photo op. Well atleast I think I'm cute.
 Predetonation? YA THINK?
Stuntin Hero-Majestic Panther styley.


  1. hey Mike, I am helping a gentleman get an older Motobecane going, I have some questions concerning the right hand chain tensioner and where it needs to be, etc...can you help me...

    Dana "Big Ed" Britton

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