Saturday, April 7, 2012


Big bad Amanda Hart and I went to Lafayette Indiana last night to hang with Brian (DWAYNE) and the Lafayetis, They so cool. Did the Adventure ride again..... Which if you dont know is a GRUELLING 2 mile off road bike trail right off of a river (newbs usually fall in R.I.P.). People eat shit on this trail, really. The last time we rode it I saw like 5 people's chests hit the ground....bent forks and rims all around. You have to pick your moped up a few times to get over fallen trees and there is sand everywhere. SO FUN. I saw 4 Samsquanches while riding thru there, made me ride faster. Cant wait for the rally to see people get massacred! Those Lafayetis are so cool! Oh and Phil is the Ultimate Gay Nerd.

 We were cruising main and asking girls for phone numbers. "YO MEET ME AT MCDONALDS"

 Phil's Garage.
 So who REALLY invented these?
 Rigid w/ fat girl seat.
 Guess what?
 Amanda telling ghost stories with no punch line.

 Trying out Brians LTD Pinto, Not bad for having a JAMMY.
Nothing but net.

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