Monday, June 11, 2012

Mosquito Fleet as fuck.

Went to Seattle a few weeks ago to see the Mosquito Fleet, these dudes rule! We went to hang at Add-A-Ball  the first night we were in town to play arcade games all night. I got the high score on this sweet racing game and it started shorting out because I was killing it so hard, oh well. The next day Brendan supplied Pat Perry, Ryan Nash and I with loaners to ride to Vashon island for a scooter rally. It's a 37 square mile isolated island with a population of 10,000. We had to take a ferry to Vashon and we rode around the whole island and finally ended up at the local eagles lodge to camp. The scooter rally was cool, the scooter dudes wanted the "moped dudes" to get wild be we were exhausted from travelling. I did Smiths karaoke and it went over well with them Vespa people. A local yocal who was wearing a kilt let us borrow a tent and it was great because it totally rained that night., had a great time! Big thanks to Brendan, Barry, Snordley, and Isaac, you dudes made us feel welcome... here are some pics. ALSO check out Brendan's Blog -

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