Monday, June 18, 2012

BLK BLK: Bob Or Die 2012

BLKBLK RALLY!!! Shit was fun! I drove breakdown bus so I dont have many photos.  GREAT SEEING: Skunks, Bullies, Knuckleheads, POCKET PUSSIES, HNRZ, Cutters, Gaskettes, Bandits, Latebirds, Squids, and Creatures. SHAWTYYY.

Hick Quick Fix
Mopeds and Jet Skiis

Name That Bandit Buttcrack....

Thuggin out with Large Marge on deck.
Wishing he was her.

My name is Benji and I'm a tourist.
Yes that's James and Yes he is naked.
Girl i wish you were straight.
Wesly to himself: "I got the fastest bike in this bitch for real"

"Where have the years gone? .......Why have they gone?"
Nerd Patrol!
"Yea dude Mac Dre rules"
"I wish I was on etsy"
We are more or less kids and cavemen.

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