Thursday, June 28, 2012

NYC Mission 23: COME OUT TO PLAY: Part Too

So Mission 23 had a rally last weekend in Brooklyn... I had never been to New York so I was excited to go.  I rode up with HNRZ Wes and Will with 2 Derbis. It was a pretty relaxed drive and Will picked up a Colt with Morini 101 on the way. Traffic was so dumb once we arrived in the city, it took us 3 hours to get to Second Stroke (Brookyln moped shop).  The first night we rode to a bar in Manhattan. Crossing the bridge (there are so many, I forgot the name) at sunset was so cool! I was (and always am) in between the stock bikes and the kitted bikes with no one to high five about it. Albo took us to this killer dumpling place with 5 for a dollar deals, I think we all ate like 20 dumplings. Later that night I rode my bike back to Seth's house in what I later found out was a "baby hurricane". I am thankful I have a sweet waterproof rally bag, I recommend one to anyone who frequents rallies. The Saturday ride was cool although my points shat out. Will bought a Derbi C-5 and we did a varo mod, weakends pipe, and upjet before the ride.  Second Stroke is a great shop with a lot of cool and knowledgeable dudes on hand. Pete let me drive his Cushman around and that shit was tiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Great rally and great people. Good seeing Buzzards, M23, BANG!, Mammoth Mohawks, Sunset Riders, Swoops, Beans, LGN, MAGGIE, IAN, ALBO, ANGEL, AARON, MARK, and everyone else. 

UPS Magnum in the impound lot.

LGN trying to steal my baffle.
Last minute tuning.

Stinky for life.

So nice.

Times Square ride.

"I know every word to Throw A Kit"
Ethan: I remember my first rally.

HNRZ now accepts bikes.

Love this thing.



Second Stroke put me to work on this SICK SPREE. oh god.
"Wesley's mini bike fell off the trailer..." *highfive*

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  1. Ethan here...that picture of me is funny, but dude, not my first rally.