Tuesday, July 3, 2012


SOOO I went to Minneapolis this weekend for the Casserollers TOT FEST rally and it was super fun. I had never been to MLPS before so it was nice to see the city. Everyone was super nice and it was fun getting to know everyone better. We did a ton of riding and eating, so good. They had an obscene amount of tots, but we handled it. Maize was trolling in real life the whole time. We did a night ride through downtown and to the sculpture garden which I really enjoyed. The race was great because it was really relaxed and not as strict as races I've gone to in the past. There were a few different classes including stock, variated, single speed, girls only, dubbs, all the good stuff. I got 3rd in the stock race on a Honda Express 2....pretty awesome. I got to meet Shelly Bachman (mopedgal) and she was a sweet heart! All in all I would HIGHLY recommend this race for everyone next year. You can get to know a track and ride as much as you want in a relaxed environment. Good seeing AMES IOWA friend too!

 Driving forever.

 Everyone got dunked.

 "Lets burn this door man" *in jescoe white's voice*

 Hard Times
 Love these bars.

 Idiot on a beach.
 Sorry I dont remember driving on the sidewalk.
 Milf cop wouldnt stop staring at my butt.
 Know your roots.
 Tot Fest.

 Love this bike.
 This is what it looks like when you almost get hit by a pinata stick.

Senior photos.


 Nash's old MB5 brought to life by Marc,

 Hobbit crashes rip undies?
 One of Shelly's restorations, looks great!

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