Wednesday, May 16, 2012

TRIP - Midwest - Portland

So today I'm leaving Chicago to head out to Portland OR. Bummed I'm missing the Lafayetti's rally this weekend but I'll just have to visit them when I get back. First I'm going to Columbia, MO to hang with my good Mid-Moped (MMP) buddies and fellow BLK BLK member Ryan Nash. I'll probably just babble about Derbis and do flat land skate tricks in the shop (IRL trolling). The reason I'm headed to Portland is because my friend Zach is moving there and we are driving out with him. Also I've never been and want to hang with Puddlecutters and Uphill Battle. From Columbia we are headed to Denver for a day and then on to Portland. It's been like 3 weeks since my last rally and I'm glad to be travelling. Should be cool. Here are some moped pictures I took in the last week.

Destroying America with the shop cat.
1980 pepi for life.
 Laguna needed new pipe mount.
 Cracked pipe fixed, i was wondering why my idle was so high.

Benelli General gets a kickstart V1.

Got a "learn to ride" video so I can finally not crash at rallies.

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