Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Derbi Variant Sport GPS fun.

 So tonight I decided to GPS my Derbi Flatreed after the I drilled the carb and intake to 15mm. It was funnnnnn and my top speed was 44.1 mph...not bad for a unmolested stock cylinder. I am currently running stock gearing of 13 x 33, 15mm dellorto sha with 75 jet with just a plastic shroud filter, 15mm intake, stock reeds, stock timing, stock clutch springs, stock head, stock cylinder, 2 weights taken out of the stock varo (yes there are 4 in there right now) and a derbi ninja circuit pipe with holes in it.  I'm very satisfied at the moment with the performance seeing as all upgrades other than the pipe were free.  With 2 weights removed the take off is similar to a kitted bike, but I think I may be missing out on a millimeter or two of varation. I totally soft seized it after I GPSed it though!! I was riding to the gas station and right when I hit the powerband, I realized the gas wasnt on and I came to a screeching stop hahaha. But it started back up and idles fine so WHATEVER!

Ps. I was wearing a treats shirt and I'm sure it helped.

Got some new headlight stickers from my dude Nate!!! wwwoooo
Pepi is official.

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