Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Morini Brake Lights, V1 porting Success, stock Derbi tuning, and a few photos.

Busy week of getting stupid on mopeds! Found out some things I didnt know which is always cool. I've been drilling out a ton of Dellorto Sha 14:12 carbs to 15mm and its been real fun. I can safely say I've mastered it.  But I have read of them being drilled to 15.5mm or 16mm so I'll graduate to that soon enough. Been riding all my bikes a ton and trying to get them to mes sup which I am very good at doing. drilled my 12:12 to 15mm on the variant sport and matched the intake. Then took 3 weights out the variator, the low and mid is pretty insane for a stock cylinder... BUT of course it wont variate all the way. haha so I'm gonna have to add some more weight. I discovered a new tool to love and here are some stupid photos.

Ever think your brake wiring is hooked up properly and yet your Italian bike still dies a second after you pull the brake levers? Well you may have the wrong voltage bulbs in and think it will be fine. it isnt. Too high of voltage will pull just enough juice away from the coil to kill your engine. PS pics are of a Morini M01 engine on an Andiamo.
 I used to think "yeajust use a12 volt because it wont blow out" I was being dumb.

 Bought a flatreed center stand for a Derbi ds50 and had to extend it. It's now painted black and doesnt look so ghetto.
 Damen st burnt Church.
 "Yea I just kept riding on it man, can you fix this?"

 Alright! The Pepi rides again. The port job I did has paid off netting a 6 mph gain from 28 mph to a whopping 34 mph. It's wrapping out so high with that dumb gearing hahah. I'm planning to drill the carb and intake to 15mm soonish and see wheat else I can squeeze out of it. :) stoked!
 Round 2 Hercules tank flush. I'm using vinegar because I am poor.
 So I just realized that this 1 1/4th (roughly 32mm) socket fits on everything!!!!! I'm using the shit out of it. Derbi triple tree nut.
 Derbi Laguna shock top nutterz
fits HPI rotor!!
 Also fits the inside nut holding the whole pug varo together, you know the one that is recessed and is hard as shit to get a crescent wrench on.
 Treats gear teaser!
We got a sweet new dog at the castle, his name is Wiley, if you see him you should pet him.

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