Sunday, March 17, 2013

VIDEOS!!!!!!!! and vespa weights.

Been super busy building junk lately. Hercules is running but in the middle of the tuning process I figured out that the gas is half crazy juice from the past. It's a fun bike and im stoked to have a sachs moped. My buddy Ryan Schimmel of Tennessee sent me some sweet custom weights and I really dig them. I havent taken my grande over a block or so at a time but the low end rules. Theyre 12.5 grams combined and its SUPER COOL.  Doing porting soon to my stock V1 and should post pics. I CANT SLEEP BEFORE 5 AM CAUSE OF THESE DANGED MOPARDS. I hate caps. my hands are so dirty. the fumes are killing me. made these vids and one isnt even about mopeds but its scenic and has a Morrissey song in it.

 12.5g at 2.5g a piece   
 2.5g vs the stock 8g so 12.5g vs 40g all together.
 Hercules rides again. this thing rules, i prob hit 15 mph on it so far. Im stoked to have a bike to send drunk wesley to the corner store on and not worry about the bike.
Does this gas look good? 

Daniel's Flatreed Laguna project gone wild.