Tuesday, December 6, 2011

YES IT'S TRUE Kansas City still has mopedders!

After Como I travelled to Kansas City to hang out with some moped buddies, Brett Epp and Kevin Mueller. It was super cold there so we didn't ride at all but still got together for burgers and shop talk. "DUDE THAT WOULD BE SO COOL" type of shit.  It was really nice to hang out because Brett and I both used to live in Lawrence, KS and got into mopeds at the same time. So it's nice to see how we have progressed and how our mentalities have changed.  Kevin has always been the dude with a million parts. Kansas City is definitely slept on and is one of my favorite cities to blast around in. West Bottoms to Cliff drive is so fun!  I left KC with a Peugeot 102 Im going to be working on over winter break for a friend. I forgot to mention that over winter break I will be building a Peugeot 103 (stockish) and finishing up a hobbit rear wheel project involving a scooter clutch. Here are some pics I took in KC.

Kevins Place

 Basement full of parts
Kevin shows off his Italijet 

Brett's place
 Simo pipe looks good on the Mondial
This is the famed twin engine Batavus - shitty photo

Peugeot 9 Port Malossi Kit

He lost his virginity to a Batavus

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