Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hutchinson Kansas....The Buzzin Bastards.

So for the holidays I headed home to Hutchinson, Kansas. Aka the middle of nowhere, but Im proud to be from the middle of nowhere. My hometown is more or less like a deleted Gummo scene. There is a movie about this town called Mysterious Skin (trailer based on a novel written by Scott Heim. It was directed, edited and adapted by Gregg Araki (directed The Doom Generation, Nowhere, Totally Fucked Up) and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, it has become one of my favorite films to date. I'm proud to be from here because a lot of people I know are wasted and the few friends who made it through I seem to value more. You can pick Midwest kids out of a lineup because they know how to entertain themselves and keep busy, I think that is very relevant in mopeds. Also when building mopeds in small towns you get NO support from anyone. Getting called a "fag" daily is the norm for mopedders and mopeds arent established as a "cool" thing. So I feel like you really have to love it to get into it as opposed to living in a huge city with already established gangs and scenes. The idea of being in a Moped Army official group isnt real and is most of the time a joke. Even though most of these kids in scattered towns know more about mopeds then half of MA's members. In this light Midwest mopedders are the most dedicated.

Here are some photos I took of my friends bikes and cats. Adam, Matt, and Josh, AKA The Buzzin Bastards keep it alive!
 ready to roll.
gotta be matching. 
 Matt's Bravo getting a checkup.
 whoops circlip into the polini :(
 puch sabre 4 speed.

 living room workshop forever.

Vespa mag bought at Myron's Mopeds.

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