Friday, December 30, 2011

BLK BLK New Years.

Drove out to Denver for New Years to hang with my crew BLK BLK. Here is the Shred Shed and some BLKs hanging with the goat we are roasting for New Years. The shop has a private skate park in it shared by 303 boards. So I can skate and work on mopeds all night, winning.  Also camped in western Kansas at he chalk pyramids and included a couple photos.

 Goat Time

 Mr Ian in his bay fishing around with ZA50 stuff.

 Brodeo's bay V1, rd 400, AR 80
 Sam;s bay. this dude had been blowing up derbi engines long before they made cranks!
 European  Si can you guess whats different?
 Benelli 125
 Rigid Non-Variated 103

 So buttery

 It was kind of creepy camping out here alone. Everyone should check this out sometime. It's 25 miles south of I-70 at the Oakley exit in western Kansas. Totally free and open all the time.

I love Kansas.

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