Saturday, December 17, 2011


Stopped in Lawrence last week to see Kenden and took some pics of his bikes. I love Lawrence cause its where I lived when I first got into mopeds. When I'm on the streets I get all nostalgic and think about how things used to be, it's nice. Anyways Kenden has been my homie for about 10 years and I remember him having a Batavus starflight when he was 14, he unseized it and everything, radddd. Hes' one of the best builders in the area and only weighs like 150 lbs so he's fast and always passing the leader at rides. I included a clip from a Hutch zine that posted me talking about Kenden. Here's his fleet. Also added in is one of Linda Green's tomos's.  If you don't know who Linda is ((mycider on Moped Army) you should! She keeps the Moped Wiki nice and clean. If you've ever used moped wiki for anything you owe her a thank you.

 Linda Green's Tomos! Bullet pipe and rocks 40 mph son!
 Lil work space FEATURING kitted razz Kenden has had for like 10 years. 60cc kit, 19phbg, hacknweld pitbike pipe. goes 41! LOOKOUT
 Pug Magnum in the works.
 Kenden's Derbi Variant. ported stock cylinder, zen pipe and clone 19 phbg. 45mph woop woop.
Athena kit, 21phbg, weak ends pipe, tjt LATER DUDE 

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