Sunday, December 4, 2011

Moving around.

Hello, So I work on and am around mopeds all the time so i thought it would be a good idea to document the things I do. This is what I'm getting into.

So I recently left Chicago to go home for the holidays. On the way I stopped to see all of my MidMoPeds buddies in Columbia Missouri. They recently got a shop and it was nice to see them enthused about it. The moped scene there is strange.... in a great way. Their scene is non-biased and open to all. It's great to see a bunch of regular dudes with no egos working on bikes and having fun. They have acquired a good amount of Derbis and you know I love Derbis people. They seem to be growing steadily with no stop in sight, its awesome. I slept in their shop for a night and here ae some pics I took.

Derbi Zen pipe weld on kendens new PP derbi build. ported stock cylinder, 19 phbg, zen pipe, TJT varo, clutch springs. It's ripping.
 Batavus Trike with Minarelli V1. it was the project of the night. FUN!

 T. Bacon's Laguna in need of engine rebuild. hot shit.
 Ryan K's PP variant. fun stockish ripper for off roading.
 My bunk for the night.
 Doing laundry next to jesse taking a piss, nothing out of the ordinary.
 Thank you flatreed god.


  1. wat? Jimmy sold his variant?

  2. Yup he sold it to Ryan Nash who lives in Columbia Missouri. whoawhoa