Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Peugeot 103 update + puch tip.

SOOOO I finally got my camera charger today and decided to take some pics of my progress on my Puegoet 103. Have been pretty busy at the shop but I had sometime after hours to get some things done. My main goal with this bike is to show people you can make a french ripper without spending too much money.

Just put on black mini M bars, 2.25 and 2.5 Gazzelles, ER2 varo with clutch function, ER2 pulley,  del 14:12, did clutch mods, and the rest is stock. I think im going to order a kit, spring, and pipe for it next week. Until then I have to mess with the motor mounts, shim the pulley,  hack the seat, rejet  (?), hack the bars shorter, hook up the light and clean int up.

Today I learned that Motobecane rear wheel nuts can fit on the flywheel side of an E50 crank. I was just holding it and there was an E50 crank next to me and something told me to do it (it just felt right).


  1. those are sweet nuts, can you fit a socket on from the round end? is it threaded all the way thru?

  2. havent tried putting a socket on round in first but prob and yea it's threaded all the way thru. OWW OWW!

  3. Its looking like high power engine may i know how many cc it is ?