Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No new photos but we have a few videos.

Hey So broke my phone AND Laptop yesterday! oh and my Camera is almost dead and I have no charger for it. What a good week! Well until I can take and edit more photos I'll post some moped related videos I was in this week. The first is an over the phone interview I did with the Lafayetis Brian (DWAYNE) and Philip! They have been doing a weekly moped podcast video thing called "Moped Talk". I think it's great and I'm actually kind of jealous I didn't come up with a good idea like they did. The answer questions and give PRO TIPS, it's a fun thing to be involved with. I was the first person they interviewed and I am happy to be involved!

Next is a bunch of footage of a party we had one of the last nights Nate Pelak and I were in Chicago. It was edited and filmed by a sweet friend of mine Hannah Momberg LFKansas represent!!!! Not alot of footage of mopeds in it but if you know any of the HNRZ you'll probably know some of the people in this. Moped people having fun, you can't beat it!!! plus you can see my wack skate skills and we smash a tv.

Oh and another one too! we made this 2 years ago and it was lost on a computer til now. All my CT homies! Brett, Drailer, Smashley, K9, Mycider, Malaguti Mike! Kansas rules.

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