Saturday, January 14, 2012

Austin Mopeds!

Moving along! About a month ago Lester who runs Austin Mopeds threw out the option of me visiting Texas and wrenching for him. Needless to say the idea of making money, wrenching on peds, and dodging the nasty midwest winter seemed great to me. I arrived 2 days ago and things have been great so far. Austin Mopeds is a very nice shop with tons of parts and a lot of know-how. It's fun to be working in a nicer environment because it makes you really want to do things right and not cut any corners. I think environment has a great deal to do with how productive of a builder you are. Don't get me wrong, I sometimes miss those nights where I was locked in a small basement room rebuilding engines alone, my friends and girlfriend not getting it, when engines seemed new and magical. But I'm also enjoying knowing how to do things right and having the tools to do it. Listen to me blab! Here are some pics of the shop and I'll probably be updating more since I'm here now.


 JimBo: The Gay Nerd.


  1. You should totally put a picture of my ped on ur blog man!

  2. The black moby i dropped off a few days ago!

  3. Sweet man!! Maken Mopeds Famous!!