Saturday, February 16, 2013

RAT HOUSE - Ames Iowa

So I hadnt been to see my good buddy Nash Wiley for toooooo long and decided to go say whats up. Megabus tickets were $45 round trip and it was still super cold in Chicago, so it seemed like a good time to go. Nash lives in this rad 6 bedroom house called Rat House. It's a sweet Bike/Moto/Moped house with some rad dudes and rad projects living there. Max Ramos and Marc Seeman also hang, theyre some rad motoped (have motorcycles and mopeds)dudes. Ames Iowa is a college town and they live right by all the frats which is funny. Small town riding lifestyle is hilarious, really noone supports what you do. Whether it's the cops harassing you or your neighbor calling the cops at 3pm because you are reving a new build, it can be a bummer sometimes. I was once asked "hey mike, are all mopedders like you?" I replied "Well we all get called fags at stop signs and we are cool with that". That is so true in small places. To not get support by anyone but yourselves is what makes the scene there (and every small town) so awesome.  Hung out with awesome dudes, watched movies, trolled the internet, played with mopeds, ignored everyone at bars for Big Buck hunter HD, you cant beat it.

Here are some pics of rat house.


 550 Lamp made by Marc.


 Jamarequiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii gone LOCO for COCO

 This is what everyone should look like after riding. stoked.

Made this vid too, watch in HD.

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