Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chicago FEBBB: build dumb shit and hang out.

Back in Chicago and I drug Nash Wiley back with me. We've been watching The Skateboard Kid on VHS and banging out bikes like we are on drugs. It's so cold here, been able to ride 1 day in the last week :(. It better get nice out soon or ill prob just get into painting hermit crab shells. Been building alot around the Castle and its been awesome. Every bike in this post was resurrected in 1 day of productiveness followed by days of being turds.
A nameless, faceless build for the people.
Built some shelves in my room.
More shelves.

PP, 75cc Pinasco, stock pug head. JUST A MOCK UP SO I CAN SAY I DID IT FIRST.
3 day ground up build: Nate's Derbi GPR on CRACK
My ole Pug 103 Gila kit with stock exhaust, come at me bro.
3 Speed Minarelli luver.

This engine was frozen to the ground (off the bike), we put it in front of the shop heater for 10 mins, drill started it in a vice and it caught on fire. INDIAN OUTLAW.
3 speed puch (CAMPUS?) ripping.
PEPI is running!!! and ripping!!! if anyone has one of the low pro minarelli fans holler at me.
Got an Olympus XA2 for $3 at Unique. So stoked i took a lame pic of it.
Pipe Woes.
 DUDE has a chimney on his truck!! thug status.
Name that movie and ill give you a derbi.


  1. the movie is enemy mine, and i'll take that indian instead of a derbi. thanks!

  2. damnit terry, you fucking win the internet. it's such a good movie.