Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mid MO-town Classic IV: Mid MO-Peds Stay Wet!

Last weekend I headed to Columbia Missouri for the annual Mid-Mo rally. This was my 4th year venturing to this rally. I took megabus which was per usual a total shit show. The bus started leaking oil and had to head back to STL on the way to Como. Luckily my STL moped homies BETH and PHIL were headed to Como around the time I got back to STL on the megabus. Beth scooped me from the haggard truck stop we got taken to....well actually it wasnt that bad because the truck stop had a Taco Bell and Terminator 3 game. Got to Como and got weird with my Midwest (the real Midwest) friends. They had an 80 ft slipnslide! Great rides, great people and great Missouri moped laws. That's one reason I really enjoy Missouri rallies, you dont need tags or a license to ride a moped. You only need a helmet.... Sounds easy right? I thought it was too until I got straight arrested in the middle of the KC rally last year for not wearing one. Me - Yea I didnt know officer, I'm from Kansas! Officer - Actually you have a warrant for not wearing a helmet 2 years ago on this SAME STREET! Its ok I got bailed by the chica I had cupcaked on my Derbi and rejoined the ride 20 mins later. BACK TO THE COMO RALLY! It was awesome! Always is! Everyone go next year! Epic country blasting and good friends for life. Good seeing - MIDMO, STL survivors, Holy Rollers, Linda Green, ROB and the Illinois homies + everyone else.

 It's a Derbi PARTY


 Born Bored.

 This is Missouri Moped Culture.

 This thing won't die.

 And then I crossbred these 2 arugula strands....

Oh yea I bought this for 80 bucks the other day. STOCK RIPPER (not running) haha.

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