Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Chicago MOPED Shop.

Our dear friend Will Andrews from Hot-N-Readyz is opening up a new Moped Shop in Chicago. It will offer sales and a full service shop. The shop is simply called MOPED and is located at 2068 N Western Ave  (GOOD SPOT). The website is and is pretty simple. He is shooting on opening next week so if you are in the Chi area keep your ears open and stop by and check it out. Will has an eye for design and architecture and the shop directly reflects that.  For the people who dont have the "I fix everything on my own mopeds even if they dont run for six months" attitude, this is your shop. Will has been working on bikes and taking customers in for years and is very dedicated. He will be carrying Tomos mopeds for all the people who like simple user friendly mopeds, along with some Vintage mopeds. I'm excited for this. (Thx Marla for the first couple photos)

 Various framed Moped Crew/Rally shirts.

Pin from the shop.


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  2. I would love to attend the opening, maybe I can corral some Yetis into going.

  3. Annastasia, you can corral me into going with you, and i am as twice as hairy as a Yeti

    -Brad Pitt