Monday, August 19, 2013

Salute Your Ports 2013.

 So traveled to our neighboring state of Michigan this weekend for Salute Your Ports 2013. This rally was awesome! I love camping rallies because they really weed out the wieners who cant hang without showering 3 times a day. Saute Your Ports was sweet because it was a joint effort of many moped clubs.  The involved clubs were Motion Left, Guns, D-Cons, Ghost Riders, Kzoo moped riders, Zeros, No-Nos, Lafayetis, and MCR. The idea of a mega rally is rad because of how many moped clubs and moped rallies there are now a days. Sometimes its hard to pick which ones to go to but this one was a no brainer. The campsite was rad and huge so you could always escape the party if you needed. Sorry I rode on the trails a bit dudes!!! it was so tempting for my derbi. the ride was rad and everyone did a great job staying together. Kelly Crowder did a great job being a rally mom for 175+ pedders and everything else was very well organized. They raffled great stuff and everyone had a great time. Thx dudes.

Early bird.  

In the tunnel of 2-stroke, Justin is passed out.

 Dougie fresh.
 Me and Ed talked UFOs the whole gas stop, keep your eyes to the skies man!

 Blueberry season.

 "Dudes its only 3 blocks to the BBQ place" chea right.
 Gay Goth kid.
 Mag-x for Mary Anne.
 IDK why but I love taking these handle bar photos.

 Camp segregation. 
I rode my derbi out here and a bunch of dump bugs were licking on me.

Raffle time. Such good prizes! John won the rally bike, it was cool.

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