Wednesday, August 14, 2013

MOPED PARTIES AKA Chicago goes way harder. Burnt Pizza and M.O.P.E.D. 1 year Anniversary.

 Last Sunday we had a Burnt Pizza Racing fundraiser party. Shit was awesome and a ton of people came to really help us out. We had a photo booth, BB gun contests, raffles, skating, food, booze and SLUTS (idk). Thanks to everyone who came out and KEPT THE SCENE ALIVE.

 Disc"race" bikes.

 Private light show on crack.
 Who knows.
 um ok!?
 We were actually in a forest.
 Raffle time.
 Thx for the donations dudes!

Then last night was M.O.P.E.D in Chicago's 1 year anniversary. We raffled a brand new tomos and ate pizza. Tons of people showed up and the ride got wild. We left 50 deep and ended with 20 riders? Yeaaa come to Chicago we get wild! Had some fender benders but everyone was ok. Really though, Chicago has the best moped scene ever.
 Stadium Pizzas from Congress Pizza. 


Happy mopedders.