Friday, August 9, 2013

Cranks rally, Stolen Mopeds recovered, and Burnt Pizza racing.

So last weekend  we headed to Milwaukee for The Crank's Rally and shit was fuuuuun. Only had to drive 2 hours which RULED. This year I've been getting to the know the Cranks better.  I really like them because they are fucking nerds.... very unlike most other Moped Army groups. The rally was held during some motorcycle weekend so we got to get looked down on together, so awesome. Spirits were high, people were drunk, and the streets were riddled with potholes. Tons of hot dogging groms, just the way I like it. pics.

 Jay and Chelsea (CONGRATS)  checking out Juke's TriRAD Magnum x with 8 track player.

 I love them Chicago retards.

 Taken while pissing next to Rob's tent.
That shirt is Moped Culture.
 Seriously couldnt think of a better person to win this bike.
  Janus stopped in to say hi!
 Bad Neighbors.

Hung out on this adult swings.
 That drunk girl. ps fuck the dude on the far left for feeding her more beers.
 Hai friends!
 Skid time.

Stolen Mopeds

So a few local girls had their mopeds stolen the other day, one was a Batavus regency with Hobbit motor and the other was a red Garelli SSXL. They live 10 or so blocks away so it makes me glad we have a garage and everything. So Thom, my gf Azarah and I walked to one of our favorite coffee shops in the neighborhood to find it was packed.  I noticed a new coffee shop down the street so we headed there to try it out. The coffee shop was pretty lame and the coffee tasted like gas station coffee... which I like but I go to gas stations when I want watered down coffee. So we were chatting about metaphysics and mythology when I hear a looooooud ass moped coming down the street. Of course you look because mopeds are so cool. I look over and see a redheaded gangster wannabe riding one of the stolen mopeds with out a pipe. He is riding down the bike lane backwards on the other side of the road. So thom and I jump on our TANDEM BIKE and head towards this mega grom. Well 7 blocks later and after asking a ton of people we roll up to the kid. He is leaking gas hellla and is with these four 16 year old kids. So instead of just taking the bike, we ask him all about the moped.  He tells us he hit a rock and the pipe fell off and that he bought it from a buddy, oh and that it had a 5 gallon gas tank on it (batavus regency tank HAHA). He then lets us take a picture of him on the bike lol. We then walk down the street and call the owners, who dont pick up. We then decide that we are going to walk back and tell the kid we know the bike is stolen and we are going to call the cops. So we head back down the block and he takes off. As this is going on my GF finds the snapped proma pipe in the road and stashes it. So we head to the Castle and tell everyone what happened and show them the photo. Daniel recognized the dude as his GF's neighbor and knew exactly where he lived. So 8 of us piled in the truck and went to his house. Daniel and Thom knocked on the door and then jumped the fence. The rest of us walked around to the alley. Daniel opened the back gate and guess what? Both of the stolen mopeds were there, so we stole them back. Happy ending. Fuck gangster kids on mopeds.


So I am doing the Pinball run race at the end of this month! STOKED! If you arent familiar, it is a 50cc moped race/ride from Portland Maine to Key West Florida. You can find info about it here its the first event of its kind and I'm excited to be involved. I am on team Burnt Pizza out of Chicago, the team consist of riders from Peddy Ca$h, BLK BLK, and HNrZ. we have a webpage here feel free to drop us a couple bucks for our trip. we have shirts for sale for $15 shipped just email HERE with your name, size, and address. ALSO if you are in the Chicago area we are having a FREAKING RAGER on sunday. Come to the Castle (1345 w. 19th street) on sunday starting at 1 pm and we are gonna get wild. $10 dollars at the door for free booze and food. We're having a BB gun comp, Mini ramp comp, raffling e50s, tattoo credits, NINO, and more. Come hang. FB page here FB PAGE.

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  1. Cranks love you too. We'll all be groms after branch review this year so fuckit.

    Glad to hear the back story behind the moped rescue, always fun punking moped theives