Saturday, May 25, 2013

Way #167 to split hobbit cases + Derbi on a pallet?!

 I used a vice to help me with a particularly tight hobbit case. If you have a table top vice, this is pretty fast and easy.

Dont crank too hard or fast, dont crack your cases.
I used a large flat head for leverage to prevent this side from pinching shut while the other side opens. Be careful not to mess up the case gasket mating surface.
Once the cases are split a centimeter or so, use a mallet and hammer on the crank while holding the case. Should come right apart.
WHOA Special delivery!
Looks like an 88 to me.
1 hour later, Dom rides this beast home. Happy camper.


  1. derbi summer... so dominick bought the sport from 77 that just came in this week?

  2. yup! and arthur bought the other one! gahhhh. fast shipping tho!