Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Photo update: Moped related film photos of the last few months.

Here are some 35mm photos from the last few months. They were taken mostly with a Olympus XA2 and were taken anywhere from Kansas to Tennessee. I took most of them personally but a few were taken by my girlfriend.

 Nashville abandoned house.
 Nashville Thom & Daniel Dub with Vince pissing in the background. taken by azarah.
One of my fav mopeds at Unique Thrift in Chicago.
 Variant Sport at the observatory in Chicago.
 My Gf at Union Station in Chicago.
 On the way home from STL.
 UFO at the antique mall in southern Illinois.

 Hugging Barritt at the STL Ruffians rally.
 Thom w/ Scooter and Moped at STL rally.
 STL rally body tunnel.
 I feel like im kind of the Vegeta of mopeds.
Plisen Graffiti in Chicago.
 Ames Iowa with Nash Wiley.
 Coffee time in Chicago with my main dude Nate Pelak.
 Double Derbi riding with Tony, Thom, and NAsh at Dunkin Donuts (duh) Chicago.
 Moto ride in Ames Iowa with Nash and Mark.
 2 Stroke Coffee with Nash in Iowa.
VHS or die in my room at the Castle. taken by azarah.

Twerkin hard at M.O.P.E.D. in Chicago. taken by azarah.

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