Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hick Fixes AKA I Work at a Moped Shop / Ciao Town / Racks on Racks.

So we got this A3 tomos into the would only idle and would die if you gave it gas. HRM what could that mean? Leak? Jetting? Timing? HAHAH no, try an A35 piston in an A3 cylinder... Ok that's not possible is it? Because the A3's are 10 pin cranks and the A35s have a 12 pin crank, not to mention a piston suited for reeds. Well these dudes made it kind of happen. Drilled the crank bushing out to 12mm (they did a really nice job) and threw that A35 piston in there. A+ for effort dudes!!!
Stock A3 10mm crank bushing.
This is the A3 crank bushing they drilled to 12mm SWEET!
Check this sweet intake!
15mm Sha bolted right on.

This is my new best friend. 1977 Ciao I bought from my buddy Ryan Nash who got it from Rob Balk. $75 with the title. Came in a box and I'm stoked to be shredding the streets on it. 
 Has Dellorto 12:10 drilled out to 13:13, Malossi Contra spring, stock Euro 8 roller varo with 4 weights taken out, weird ass baby proma hack and weld pipe, and some iffy porting.
 Free parts are the best parts. Hooking up the break lights as soon as i get another switch! 
 Rode the laguna the other night, I think my bearings went bad or something. I need to pour some crisco on this thing.
 Got a rack for my Variant Sport from Orange Robin at the STL rally, Stoked!
 The wonderful Pepi got racks on racks and its so nice. I roll around with so many baguettes on deck.  
you could literally put probably 25 Oreo boxes in these. Options.
 My Gf visited and we did a touristy ride. CHICAGO.


  1. I know you took some pictures of the farm implement lights on my Flandria...and the pipe fitting used as a petcock...and the leather glove they used to seal the baffle to the header. Awesome.

  2. hell yea i did dude! did you ever post pics of that on your blog? i want to start a series about hick fixes and shit people do to mopeds that are totally ass backwards.